Inspirational cards with meaningful quotes

Have you felt lost, depressed or directionless at any point of your life? We are a family who love to inspire others around us and have created this amazing deck of cards to give you positive vibes if not to make you feel lighter.

Sometimes the problem is smaller than what you think.  This fast paced world is accelerating urban issues like work stress, peer pressure and rising inflation. More and more people are experiencing depression, which on the onset look fine but if left untreated, can leave unimaginable damage. We are truly concerned with this state and wanted made a conscious effort to give more love to the world.  We will contribute USD10 from the sales of each deck to support the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Click this link now to check out our amazing inspirational cards with meaningful quotes and messages that’s inspirational and uplifting.

This beautiful deck makes a meaningful gift to your friends and families and even children for their birthdays or during the season of giving, Christmas.